We are planning a parish council meeting this week. We wish to request any parishioner who has suggestions or possible items for the agenda to please let these reach us before Tuesday morning, so we have time enough to print out the agenda for the meeting. You may write and give them to Fr Martin directly, leave them with Sr Jo in the presbytery, or hand them to any of the members of the parish council.

Feel you are part of the parish, because you truly are and your suggestions count.


Mass Times and Intentions


PSALTER  Week I                   CHURCH CLEANING   Group 1


Saturday 23rd April:       NO  Confessions

8.00 pm: Vigil Mass of Easter.

People of the Parish

Sunday 24th April: 9.30 am: Imy O’Connor

Coffee after Mass provided by CAFOD

Monday 25th April: Monday of Easter Octave  No Mass

Tuesday 26th April: Tuesday of Easter Octave 7.30 pm.  St Anthony’s

Devotions and Mass Evelyn Parnell

Wednesday 27th April: Wednesday of Easter Octave

0830-0930 Adoration 9.30 am Mass  The Kearney Family

Half an hour of Shared Prayer in the Parish Room after Mass


Thursday 28th April:     Thursday of Easter Octave No Mass

Friday 29thApril:     Friday of Easter Octave No Mass

Saturday 30rth April: Ferial Confessions 5.00-5.45pm

6.00 pm Mary Pink

Sunday 1st May:         9.30am: Second Sunday of Easter

Win Morris