St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School – 40th Anniversary Year

2012 is the 40th anniversary of the opening of our school here in Lache, Chester.  Originally St. Francis’ School in Cuppin Street, our School Log Book from the time records that the new school opened in April 1972 as ‘ St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Aided Combined and Middle School’.

The Log Book makes very interesting reading, and records many significant events, not just for the school, but for the local and wider community.

We also have a ‘Punishment Book’ for St. Francis’ School dating from 1928!

To celebrate the occasion we are working with all our children to research the history of the last 40 years, and this will culminate in a special Open Afternoon, to be held on Thursday 6th December starting at 1 p.m.

Any past pupils, parents and staff of St Clare’s or St. Francis’ are warmly invited to join us for this occasion.

A 70’s Day and Disco will be held for current pupils and staff on Friday 7th December.

Please phone the school on 01244 981110 for further details.

T. Daltrey       Headteacher

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  1. Hi Martin,

    Veronica Farrells funeral is on Friday the 8th of August, at your church.

    The songs we would like playing are- John Denva – You light up my senses
    Oleta Adams – Get here if you can

    One to enter and one to leave.

    Here is the poem that is going to be read out by Veronica’s eldest grandson- Kevin Lee.

    My beautifully little nanny biddy, our queen V
    I walked over and hugged you all the time,
    you always made me smile and always had stories to tell.
    I loved sitting with you everyday and listen to the memories you had to share.
    You showed us that life can’t be all that bad
    there is always a light at the end of a tunnel,
    You were so strong,
    You had faith in us all,
    You had great sprit even if the day was dull.
    you weren’t just my nanny biddy, you were my best friend!
    I know you had to go,
    now I feel I’m alone
    but I know you’re close.
    when I feel the warmth at night I know its you giving me a good night kiss,
    when I feel my chest getting tight I know that’s you giving me a big hug,
    when I feel the wind brush through my hair
    I know your whispering “how ya” to me .. Haha
    when I see the sun shine I know you’re happy,
    when I see that bright star I know that’s you watching down on us all and smiling!
    Now our beautiful angel watching over us all,
    we pray to you each night.
    Loosing you V has broke my heart and every day without a doubt I think of you and shed a little tear, for a Nan I loved so dear.

    Kevin Lee will also say a few words of his own.

    Many thanks and kindest regards
    Farrell family

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