On Sunday  11th December , there will be a Second Collection for Christmas flowers and decorations.
On that same day we intend to ask for your generous donations for the printing of our Christmas cards with all the times for masses and services this Christmas. We 
intend to distribute as many of this as possible around the local area. This is one little way of reaching out to people around us. We do know that quite a number of second 
collections has been taken this year. Hardly any has been really for the running and building up  of our parish community. The Liturgy committee agreed to make this 
appeal to all parishioners, who can, to donate generously so that our church can be suitably decorated in honour of the celebration of Our Lord’s birthday and also that 
we may effectively reach out to our neighbours with our Christmas cards


My dear People,
Today amid great prosperity and much anxiety as to whether our higher 
living standards can be preserved the same call comes to us as it did to previous 
generations to provide for the Church in our day and to consider the legacy we 
leave for generations still to come. Remembering the Church’s continuing work 
and mission in your Will is one way you can do this.
A leaflet is available if you would like to know more about how you can 
remember the Church if you already have a Will, or (if you have not already made 
a Will) for you to request more information on making a Will and the details of 
solicitors who will assist you with this.  Alternatively, please contact Mr Mike 
Russell, Director of Planned Giving & Gift Aid at the Curial Offices on 0151 652 
9855 or
I hope that future generations may have reason to thank God for us and the 
witness of faith and generosity we leave as a legacy for them. 
With every good wish,
Yours sincerely in Christ
+ Mark,
Bishop of Shrewsbury


There will be a meeting of the  ALL servers on 26th November,  from 3-4pm. We noticed some were away and did not see the announcement for the last meeting. We thank those who made it and please ask that 
everyone shows up this Saturday if possible