Present:- Fr Emeka, Pat, Jackie, Hugh, Tia, Jenny, George, Kevin and Esme.

Apologies:- Kevin.

1. The meeting opened with a prayer.

2. Review of Minutes of 11th October 2016.


There was a query as to whether the Church needed to be registered with the Guild of St Stephen. This will be looked into.

4. REDECORATION OF WALL BEHIND ALTAR – Jackie to chase quote from a decorator.

5. CURIAL VISIT This is now to take place over the weekend the 27th/28th May. Not 13th/14th May as previously thought.

6. The Head Teacher of St Clare’s had asked if a representative from the school could sit in on the Parish Council to increase involvement between Church and school. Noone available this evening however as the school Christmas presentation is on.


The date for the Fun Day/ CarBoot is to be Saturday the 13th May. George will advise Steve Bonsall of this date.

8. NEXT FILM NIGHT is to be Friday the 24th February. Any requests for a particular film gratefully received. One suggestion is Karol.

9. Notice Board at front to be attended to- Paula will be spoken to.

10. A parishioner has asked if the Minutes of the Pastoral Council meeting can go on the website. An email will be sent to George or David Craggs.

11. Discussion about Christmas preparations.

12. It was thought that the Advent Wreath should be changed for next year to allow for thicker candles.

13. Discussion about having different flags to represent all the nationalities represented within St Clares. Perhaps to be used at Pentecost.

14. CHURCH CLEANERS :- more volunteers needed to clean the Church.

15. PARISH ROOM Pat raised the state of the Parish Room . It needs general maintenance; there is no disabled toilet. Discussion about possibly using funds from “Mission Together” that will become available from March/April 2017. Perhaps need someone in who can give us ideas how to make it a more attractive and useable space. Perhaps doors into the garden and decking? Fr Emeka will speak to a contact about having a disabled toilet and fixing faults in the room in the first instance. Looking around the room there appeared to be items that were not being used and could potentially be discarded subject to checking with the various groups that use the room.

16. DATE OF NEXT MEETING :- 14/2/2017.